Meredith is out of town this weekend so I keeping Nathan by myself. We spent yesterday in Columbus, GA. We played at this great place called Monkey Joes and then did some shopping. We went into Moe’s Southwestern Grill before we headed home. It had been a good day. Nathan was in a great mood and we were having fun being guys together. I sat down and Moe’s feeling pretty good about myself. I had made it through the day and now I was doing the whole supper thing all by myself. I had the single parent thing licked.  

That was when I looked across the restaurant and saw a woman who looked to be about my age. She had 3 little boys. The oldest looked to be about 6 and the youngest was still in a high chair. They were all sitting still and eating their supper.

Suddenly my accomplishment for the day didn’t seem so amazing.  

One thought on “Perspective

  • April 20, 2008 at 6:37 AM

    It’s amazing what you see when you truly open your eyes.


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