I have been doing too much work on too little sleep for too many days. I really want to do give you guys a full retreat update just for my own processing if for nothing else, but I haven’t had time to slow down. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday setting our youth room back up and writing a lesson for Wednesday night and today I had 2 girls from the middle school come as part of a school fund raiser to help me organize a closet and do some other work. It was cool getting some stuff done, but that just meant that I also had to work all day again.

Tonight I went to my first “baby class” where we learned about the cervix and what effaced and dilated mean. I promise I am a 12 year old boy because it was all I could do to not giggle. But at the same time the info was pretty cool. And when I finally got on my computer tonight I got some good news about an article that I wrote so I am smiling right now.

Meredith is going out of town tomorrow so I promise to sit down and give you guys a winter retreat update. Until then check out the photos over at If you check out the “thing tour” section you can get some general information. (as a side note it doesn’t work right on Firefox so if you are using it then open up the page in a ie tab)

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