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I love to use images in worship. There are a number of places where
you can find abstract pictures of worship, but I like to use pictures
of people worshiping too. It is hard to find pictures of students
worship, though. I have always thought about having some students come
in and take some pictures of them in “worship” poses to use, but the
problem is the teenager “look at me on the screen” factor. It might be
OK to have pictures of my students sometimes, but not all of the time.

I came up with an idea. Student picture exchange. I am looking for
another youth pastor with a good digital camera and a desire to use
images of students worshiping. What I thought I would do is take some
photos of my guys and then you could take some photos of your guys and
we could work out some sort of swap. That way it would be beneficial
to both groups.

For the rest of you who will start looking for
the collection up on the web that is a little tricky. Publishing
teenager pictures on the web is a little iffy legally. I post picture
of them on our church site, but in a collection that others will be
using I would want parental permissions and such. I actually don’t know
what the law is and would love to hear more info.

Also, if anyone knows of a good source for worship images let me know.  

One thought on “Photo Exchange

  • January 17, 2006 at 11:25 PM

    Hi. Great blog, great resource!. We have a ministry up here in British Columbia that is called Worship Invasion. It’s a worship service intended for young people that meets in at different church each month. Wendy, the lady who is behind it with her husband Ed takes tons of pictures each service. Go to the Photo page (at ) and I’m sure there are two-three years worth.. She’d love to let you use them too… But I’m sure an email might be

    Peace, Jason


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