Planning for Four

Today was one of those days that make you want to strangle people when they say, “Don’t you just work 2 days a week.” I spent the entire day in my office getting ready for this big “mandatory” parent meeting that was supposed to answer any questions they had and let them sign up for summer stuff. There were all of 4 people there.

I always feel bad for the few people who are at a meeting and I do all that I can to make sure it is still worth their time, but I kept thinking about how the copy machine messed up at 10 copies of the calendar and how I struggled to get it working again and how if I had known there would have only been 4 people there I could have left it until in the morning.

But isn’t that just the way when you are a pastor. I think that is what is the hardest part for me, the not knowing who is going to show up. When you are a teacher you have a pretty good idea who is going to be there everyday and when you are a normal job you can expect most of your coworkers to be there. But when what you are doing is all volunteer it is always a struggle. Oh, well, that’s life I guess.

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