Planning Meeting

I think I have come to a decision. I must have regular planning meetings with other staffers/workers at my church. No matter what else has to be cut that has to become a priority.

It seems for me that when things get busy the first thing that gets pushed aside is time to sit down together and plan. People do their own ideas and email them back and forth and then hope things work. In our church we have a vision of a church council that meets together every month and watches over the activities of the church (most especially the calendar) but I don’t think we have ever met 3 months in a row. Life comes in and we choose to instead fly by the seat of our pants and hope that things get accomplished.

But what I have remembered againt this weekend is more than just planning activities. It is about my own brain works better when there is a group of people who are pushing me to go deeper and think about things in a new way. We are created for community and things just come out better when we sit down together and plan and brainstorm.

I know for me I look forward to these little moments away like I am looking forward to an oasis in the desert. What I don’t understand is why I don’t make these moments a priority in my ministry.

One reason is because I feel bad asking the people who are doing so much to leave their families one more time, but like I said even if something has to be cut this must become a priority.

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