Planning Time with Youth

We have a Backyard Bible Club at the end of this week so we had a meeting to plan what we were going to be doing. Remarkably enough the meeting went well. I think that we know more of what we are going to be doing for this BYBC than any we have had in the past. Of course I don’t know how much that is really saying, but still.

It is cool to have a bunch of older students. They are much better at actually following through and taking care of things. It is wild to have a room full of upperclassmen (and college freshman) as the people who are planning the meeting.

Of course there were the people who really didn’t want to be there and who were just being a distraction for the other people. I was very close to just asking one guy to leave because all he was doing was just messing with the rest of the group. In the end we got about 1 whole good hour of prep and another hour and a half of half hearted preparation. So we should be OK, at least for the first day.

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