Please Meredith *puppy dog eyes*

Alright explain to me why a product named Rio Sport would crap out after just a few months of use especially considering it just got normal pocket type abuse. If you are going to name something “sport” it had better be able to “take a licking” and do something, (I’m afraid of the copyright police). What I am trying to say is that my MP3 player quit working today and I am not very happy about it. I have become pretty attached to the books that I have been listening to and I have a long drive planned on Thursday that I don’t know if I can do without my audio books.

I am thinking about stopping off at Best Buy on the way and just picking up an ipod, but that won’t do me much good for this trip because I have to install the books and everything. Also my wife would probably shoot me if I put anything else on my Best Buy card.

I hate it when things break though, especially stuff like this. I don’t know what I can do to fix it (in fact the only thing I have tried is to hit it and hope it starts working, but I know how stupid that is). Anyway, I feel hopeless and like I have wasted $150 bucks when I could have just spent a few more dollars and picked up the ipod and made my life easier and I would also have been cooler. It just leaves me feeling sort of sick inside.

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