Have I mentioned that I am now addicted to podcasts? I know it isn’t very hip to come into podcasting just because itunes finally added them, but I don’t care. I am hooked.

If you haven’t checked out podcasts yet then I would say that they are one of the most compelling reasons I have found to buy an ipod (or any other MP3 player for that matter, but the ipod is the best of the bunch). Now every week I have downloaded to my computer free of charge 4 shows that talk about movies (2 a week from Cinecast and Ebert and Roepert) the Words Nerds a show that talks about words (which is almost English major porn) 2 shows about sci-fi and fantasy and a I.C.M. Raw which is an independent Christian music podcast.

I love these things because it is like radio the way that I want it. There is no pop, no repeats of the same songs over and over again. There are no commercials, just the things that I want to listen too. I am really loving I.C.M. Raw, but that might just be the part of me that doesn’t want to listen to music other people like so who better to listen to than indie artists.

Anyway, I am thinking about my own podcast, but I figure I have enough things going on in my life to add anything else.

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