We have all seen sermon PowerPoint websites with cheesy pictures of crosses and fields. Most of them are filled with images that would looke more at home in the early 90’s. That is why I was pretty leery of yet another site, but their add in a magazine intrigued me. The images looked original and actually good.

I checked them out and have found some great slides to use with my pastor’s sermons and my youth lessons. The great thing about PowerPointSermons.com for me is that they offer a download of the JPEG files both with and without sermon titles. While we are on that subject. I never use their sermon titles, but seeing them on the screen gives me a great template for adding my own.

So if you are a media creator with little time who wants to looks like a graphics wizard then you may want to check these out.  

2 thoughts on “PowerPointSermons.com

  • February 1, 2008 at 9:06 PM

    When our new pastor asked me to put his notes on the screen (we use SongShow Plus – not the greatest of programs, but ok) I found powerpointsermons.com. Great stuff. They look good and are changable.

  • February 2, 2008 at 12:04 AM

    We actually use MediaShout. It will import Photoshop files directly. Actually it is just a link to the file which is nice if I find a typo or the pastor changes his notes mid sermon. I can keep Photoshop open and make changes on the fly if I need too and then just re-fire the slide and it pulls the changed one.

    I am doing all of the sermon notes in Photoshop these days just because it is easier to make the text look the way that I want. (When I learned the transform "warp" I fell in love with bending text around round shapes. Of course that makes the text non-editable, but that is a whole other discussion)


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