Praise the Lord a New Day Has Dawned

I have finally finished Creative Prayers. Well I have finished all of the writing and formatting. Now I have the fun task of editing and redoing the cover. (Nathan’s Mom thought it looked too girly and I agreed with her.)

I have decided that this first addition will be the "student edition" with an edition geared towards adults to follow soon afterwards. It looks like it is going to end up being around 94 pages. (I may make up some stuff to add so that I can reach 100). It is now a 6 week journal and the entries are arranged in a much better order than the version I passed out to my youth.

I have also decided that I will offer personalized versions of the journal for any church willing to buy at least 25 copies. I will change the "intercession" sections to include specific prayer concerns that your church is facing. I thought that might help church who may be in a 40 days of prayer type thing for a pastor, a new direction, or just the run up to a revival meeting.

 If you are interested in that let me know. I think that the final cost will be somewhere around $12.99 (I just really like the 99 part) But that will depend largely on the price that it will cost for LuLu to make them.

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