Pravino’s and Star Wars

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who placed a comment about my leaving the blog world. It felt good to at least know that some of you actually come and read this.

I am in Auburn right now, hanging out in a hotel. We are going to a reunion of our BCM friends at Chewacala (sp?) tomorrow. So we came up early to enjoy the greatest food in the world: Pravino’s. In the list of 5 meals I would want before I die I would have to say that Pravino’s is number one. (By the way I don’t really know why there are 5 because that doesn’t work out well for the whole 3 meals a day thing, but I don’t really do breakfast anyway so what are you going to do. Oh yeah the list is Hill’s, Dairyette, Go Ten, A steak from somewhere, but that place is constantly changing, probably a steak cooked at Brenda’s house so I could eat it with my hands, and of course Pravino’s)

I did get a chance to go and watch the midnight show of Episode III. The atmosphere was great and that made the movie fun too. If you go expecting the writing and acting to be terrible you will be surprised that they hit at least passable. There are still a few places where they are trying to be serious that I almost laughed out loud because they were so bad. I mean I used to think the problem was Hayden and Natalie, but they really weren’t given much to work with, and to watch poor Sam Jackson try to turn his lines into something actually worth saying was heartbreaking. Of course all of the new movies feels like they were put together by a great special effects team who got their kids’ High school to do the acting.

But if you take the bad acting away, because we all know that Star Wars has nothing to do with acting you get a very fun ride of a movie. Fans of light saber battles will not be disappointed because there are some really epic duels in this one. There are also lots of other little things for Star Wars buffs. The Jedi fly in ships that look eerily like tie fighters and there are other ships that are clearly the predecessors of the ships we all know and love.

I guess since there was no way that my ultimate dream was going to happen. (I kept wishing that at the opening credits George Lucas would walk onto the screen and apologize for how bad Episode I and II really are. He would then introduce not the final movie in the Trilogy, but an Episode I that didn’t suck. It would have been great and a good way to make a ton more money) But since unfortunately that didn’t happen I guess it was a good ending to the whole Star Wars saga. There were so many things that were just small snippets that I wanted more of. But to speak of them even in small places it to give away some of the great moments of the film. (and trust me in this movie you need all the great moments you can get). Yoda as always is one awesome little man. He has come a long way from looking like Kermit’s grandfather who somehow stole Grover’s voice in Empire. I tell you of all of the star wars characters I would most like to kick it with him for a while. Of course I would have to tell him to put his sentences in the right order. I mean come on dude use the force and speak like the rest of us.

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  • May 21, 2005 at 6:07 PM

    Hey man, I’m heartbroken you won’t be blogging anymore. I wanted to let you know that you’re more than welcome to write over at DYL if you like. I would love to continue reading your insights into youth ministry.


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