Prayer by Philip Yancey

19285136.jpgI am reading Philip Yancey’s book simply titled Prayer. At once point he says something like: I envy those people who can just pray and not worry about how it works. I am that same way. I worry about how God can be unchangable and at the same time be moved by my prayers. I have big arguments with myself about how prayer "works." In the end for me I have found that even though I can’t get it to make sense all the time prayer is a vital part of my life, and God answers my prayers in a myriad of small subtle ways.

I am about halfway through the book, but here are some thoughts quotes I wanted to share.  

"In prayer I am approaching the creator of all that is, Someone who makes me feel immeasurably small. How can I do anything but fall silent in such presence? More, how can I believe that whatever I say to matters to God?" (page 48)

the later he says 

"We do not need to convince the God to care; the Father already cares, more than we can know." (page 58)

"We don’t have to convince God of our sincerity or our needs. We already have the Father’s ear as it were. God knows everything about us and still listens. We can get right to the point." (page 133)

"[Jesus said] ‘Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’ What a strange request! If Jesus sensed the need for more workers, why not simply recruit more? Or ask the Lord of the harvest himself? …he called on [his disciples] to pray for more workers because he knew the Father would listen to their prayers. He was welcoming them as partners of the kingdom. " (page 111)

"We have different roles to play, we and God. As God made clear to Job, we humans lack the capacity to figure out providence and cosmic justice and answers to the ‘Why?’ questions. It is our role, rather, to follow in Jesus’ steps by doing the work of the kingdom both by our deeds and y our prayers." (page 112) 

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