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Since life has been so crazy I haven’t had a whole lot of time to prepare for tonight. My original thought was just to sing a bunch of songs say a short word and then go home. But as I was coming up with that short word more words kept coming into my head. Then I had the idea below. It was one of those ideas that you get from time to time that just feel inspired. It is much better when I get those ideas early in the week, but sometimes they come with 2 hours to go before band practice and you just have to roll with them. This time I felt it was something I should do because I had all of the elements in my office. I thought you might want to use it in your own ministry.

Prayer Cards:

Materials Needed:

  • Small pieces of card stock. (I used business cards cut in half) You will need 6 for each student
  • a hole punch
  • a binder ring for each student
  • pens

How it works:

  • Punch one corner of each card
  • Pass out 6 cards, 1 ring, and a pen to each student
  • Ask students to think of people in their life who aren’t Christians. I worded it a bit differently asking them to think of people who needed to know the love of God in their life, but you get the idea.
  • Then instruct them to write one name on each card. Tell them to write initials or another word that will remind them of that person if they don’t want to actually write out the name.
  • Then say, “It has been said that we don’t talk to our friends about God because we don’t talk to God about our friends”.
  • Use these cards as a prayer guide to help you remember to pray for your friends who need Christ in their life.
  • “Pray that God will use you to tell these people about His love. God has brought these people into your mind and in so doing has given you the mission of sharing with them about how they too can know the love of God.”
  • Have a time where students can pray for the names on their cards.
  • Then instruct them to place the cards on their key-rings or in their pockets. Tell them to pray each time they notice the names.
  • Close by saying, “These cards will not last for long. Normal wear and tear will beat them up pretty quickly. In the same way the normal struggles of life are beating up each of the people you are praying for. You have the answers they are looking for. You know the truth of God. Pray that God will give you an opportunity to share His love with each of them.”


One thought on “Prayer Cards

  • June 19, 2008 at 5:05 AM

    Shane – this is really lovely – it should be used by everyone! I might just suggest it for our planning meeting tomorrow night.



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