This is one of my least favorite times as a youth pastor–the run up to camp. I love being at camp. I love ministering in the city and spending time with my students and other students. I love worship and being away for a week of renewal. What I don’t love are the crazy times that happen before we go. I don’t love the “I’m not rooming with her” moments (which by the way make me want to put them in the same room). I don’t love the “we can’t pay” moments when I have to be financial advisor in addition to all of the other things. I don’t love finding seats for everyone and hooking up trailers and driving and meetings and just the general stress of being responsible for 18 people while you are on the road for 7 hours.

What I don’t like most of all are the people saying, “I don’t want to go because people are mean to me” which makes me want to strangle the mean people, but I can’t, and I also can’t explain to the people who decide at the last minute that they don’t want to go that going off to camp is what helps you become part of a group.

Next Monday I will be happy and excited, next week will be a high point of my year. This week, however, I am still in pre-camp mode and it just makes me a little edgy.

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