Preaching to Myself

 Alright so I am preaching Sunday morning, too, and once again I have found something to be true. It always seems that whatever I am preaching about I will deal with all week long. I don’t know if I am the only one, but when I prepare a sermon it is like I have to actually live it out the week before I preach. I find myself struggling with the very thing that I am about to talk about and give people advice about. Here is a little bit from my prayer journal tonight.

God! Is every word that I am saying in this sermon on Sunday a lie? I mean, do I believe any of it? I guess I do believe it, but I don’t live like any of it is a reality in my own life. Lord, I don’t live like you are all that matters. I am not secure in your love, and I am so driven by performance that I want to run away from anything that makes a real difference because I am scared that I won’t accomplish it. Lord! Help me! Save me! Let me find you and find the truth of who you are!

What I wonder is do all preachers go through this or is it just me. I find myself preaching to myself more than others most of the time.

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