Pro-Life, Pro-Law, Pro-Refugee

I live in a very unique place when it comes to political stuff. I think the title sums it up best. As a first born child following the rules matters to me. As someone who has hosted international students in my home and who has seen first hand what happens when you mess up on a visa issues it bugs me to think about people coming into our country illegally. I don’t know if a wall is the best option, but illegal immigration irritates me because it isn’t fair. Sure it is a good life for the people here illegally, but for all of the people who are trying to do thing the right way it is just wrong. It is like skipping a line at Walmart, but instead of getting to check out faster you are getting a better life. 

So I am pro-law, but I am also fiercely pro life, all life. Because I am pro life I believe in the rights of all people and believe that all people should be protected. This all people includes refugees, people who have been driven out of their homes because of war and other things. I think we as a country need to be welcoming to more, not fewer refugees. I believe that we as a country have been blessed to be a blessing and the moment we stop being a blessing we will stop being blessed. I also can’t figure out when the Christians became the scared ones. When did we stop being people who would help others at all costs and instead become a people who want to hide in our own safe bubbles. 

And speaking of safety, that safety is just an illusion. We are not safer because we don’t allow refugees. There are still hundreds of ways to get into the counrty to hurt us if you want. On top of that, a hard stand that says, “we don’t want you” makes people madder at America.

What bugs me the most in all of this discussion, however, is that the Christians in my world seem to be so bitter about people who aren’t like them. They have dug in their heels and refuse to even listen to another viewpoint. It seems like issues have become things to argue about and we have forgotten that all of the issues are about people. That you aren’t just arguing to keep out refugees, but you are arguing to doom a family to war and misery. Now, you might argue that those people are so dangerous that they hurt our way of life, and “we have to protect ours first” and we can have discussions on that (starting with Jesus who said, “let’s put others first”) but when we have those conversations we need to remember that we are talking about people, not issues. 

I wonder what would happen if every Christian treated their Facebook feed like it was a mission field instead of an echo chamber. What would happen if Christians decided they wanted to share the love of Christ with people who didn’t believe like them. 

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