Proclaiming the Word without Preaching

This is sort of an offshoot of my post on worship without lyrics. But if you haven’t read that I am a guy who loves words. Give the choice between good preaching and good singing I would choose good preaching 10 times out of 10. I really think that I may be the only person in church who doesn’t really love the “special music” and would much rather hear someone speak than sing.

With that said, I am coming to a realization as I continue to work with teenagers that I may be in the minority on this one. I like to talk and I like to preach so it hurts me to say this, but sometimes, in fact lots of times God’s message can be communicated better through something other than preaching.

But this is a problem for some people. I have heard many preachers (of course it is preachers) say that the most important thing about church is to proclaim the word of God. But most of them equate proclaiming the word of God with preaching. A Sunday morning service without a sermon is almost unheard of.

But that idea that proclaiming the word can only come from a sermon is a mistaken assumption. God’s word can be proclaimed through poetry, dance, music, prayer activities, and quite simply just reading the Bible. God’s word can be proclaimed through drama or acts of service. God’s word can be proclaimed in whatever way that God has gifted us to proclaim it.

If you are a youth worker and you haven’t clued in to this fact yet then you need to start looking into it right away. Teenagers are tired of being lectured at. They want to be involved in the creation of the worship. They don’t want to sit and receive what is being spoon fed to them, they want to proclaim God’s word with you. 

So if you are like me and you are a word guy then take a step back and commit seeking out other ways to proclaim God’s word. If you are looking for some ideas check around the site or send me an email. If you have some ideas leave us a comment.

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