Psalm 119

In all of the craziness of last week I forgot to talk about my lesson. I stumbled on Psalm 119 last week and it really struck me as a powerful message for teenagers, actually a powerful message for anyone in our “truth is relative” society. I have to admit that I knew that 119 was there and I knew it was the longest chapter. I even knew that the VBS pledge to the Bible came from there, but I can’t remember ever reading it all the way through.

So anyway I got to reading through this chapter and it is amazing. It really speaks to the heart of a Christian who is struggling with doing the right things. It has heartache and hardship and pain and joy and encouragement all wrapped up in this very important truth: Following God’s way is always best.

I was so enamored with this chapter last week that I decided to just read it, all 176 verses of it. I didn’t stop and explain (even though the desire to do so was very strong) I just let the word of God speak for itself. I know in my own youth ministry I don’t do that enough. I try to find a cool way to present things and I forget that God can speak very well for himself.

This week I am expanding on some of the themes in Psalm 119 by talking about how the Bible is our main map as we are sent out into the world. I will even have a game that I have made that I will post here, but it will be Thursday so that no one cheats.

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