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In case you haven’t notice I have decided to add some major content to Nailscars.com. I am in the process of actually formatting things into a form that will actually work (as you can see from the videos I have added recently). The next step is to take all of the information that I have been just sticking in the blog and finding a permanent place for it in the sidebar so that you can access it easily.

Once I have done that there are a few things that I would like to put together so that you can pay a small fee to download. I know this is going against the whole great part of Nailscars.com, but I need a way to offset bandwidth costs and these are resources that go above and beyond the piecemeal stuff that I normally add here.

So what I was wondering is from my usual readers what would you be interested in the most:

  • The Creative Prayer Journal: reformatted and printed from lulu.com
  • The Creative Prayer Journal: reformatted and downloadable
  • 10 PowerPoint Type Screen Games:
  • Revolution Sermon Series: 5 week study using classic rock songs as the “hook”
  • Ephesians Sermon Series: 10 week walk through of Ephesians (includes games for each session)
  • Church, the Musical Sermon Series: 4 week study using Broadway shows as the “hook”
  • 10 Commandment Walk Through: a 10 station worship walk through (similar in format to the prayer labyrinth)
  • Teach Like Jesus Sermon/Story series: 4 weeks of sermons and creative worship ideas to partner with some of the stories here at Nailscars.com 
  • The Journey Sermon Series: 12 week walk through of the Israelites from Abraham through Egypt and back to the promise land.
  • Worship Gathering Collection: A revamped collection of worship gatherings with ideas from this site, but formatted into a more usable form. 

All of these are things that I have been simply waiting for time to fix and format. The cost for them will vary, but for most of them will be around $5 (the longer sermon series will be a little more as will the 10 commandments thing)

So leave a comment and let me know what you think. Is the price OK? Do you think that people will pay more? (I am thinking about offering coupons to my regular commenters) Which one would you be most interested in seeing? 

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