Quiz Relay Game


This is basically just a 10 question quiz designed to be used as the backdrop for a relay race. The theme of this game is “spot the difference” and as such can be used in all sorts of lessons from judging people because they are different to going against the flow.

Included in this file are 5 different versions of the quiz that have the same questions only in different orders. This will cut down on cheating when you play the game as a relay race. Also included is a version without the answers that can be copied and used as a hand out quiz as well as an answer guide for that quiz. There is also an explanation of why each correct answer is the “odd one out”.

I have tried to make sure that the right answer is the only answer possible, but each time I think I have accomplished that I find that there are other possibilities. So if a student can come up with a good reason that her choice is the Odd One Out let her have it.

Download .pdf file

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