Quotes from Unchristian

I could quote from this book for days, but here are a couple in the chapter about homosexuality that really jumped out at me.

“It is easy to decry political correctness but it is much more difficult to abide by the biblical concept of guarding our tongues and being accountable for what we communicate to others.”  –David Kinnaman Unchristian

This quote just jumped out at me. Mainly because I have heard many pastors lately saying “It may not be politically correct but…” and then going on to say something offensive. They make this statement like they are taking some stand against evil when they take a stand against political correctness.

I understand many times where they are coming from. They are ministering to a group of adults most of whom are Christians and who have grown up in church. “Us against them” rhetoric inspires many of the people sitting in the pews in the average church today.

But in my job I am encountering more and more students who are not Christians and who have no desire to be. I am seeing people who have a more negative than positive view of the church. For those people it isn’t seen as a good thing to not be politically correct. It is seen as being offensive and one more way that Christians are just out of touch.


“Every one of us, gay or straight or whatever, expresses sexuality in broken ways”  –David Kinnaman Unchristian

This quote just resonates with truth to me. We are all broken. We are all messed up. We are all in need of grace.  

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