Update: My sister has always been squirrely about putting her other son on the internet so I didn’t want to put her new son’s name here without talking to her. But he was "Thursday’s Baby" so his name and picture are already up on the net (along with a video that was played on the nightly news) So I can now announce that Silas Dean was born Thursday morning. You can check out the Thursday’s baby thing here. (just click on December 28 to see a picture)

I was in Nashville so that I could meet my new nephew. Here are a couple of pictures. He is a very expressive and active little guy considering that I saw him when we wasn’t even 4 hours old yet. He doesn’t really look like his older brother did as a baby, even though the picture of me while holding him makes it look like he does.

It is hard to remember that babies start out so small. I was holding Nathan in the waiting room and then walked back to hold the new baby and almost threw him through the roof. It was like when you are at someone else’s church and the offering plates look like they are going to be massively heavy and then they turn out to be aluminum and you dump change all over yourself because of how light they are. I didn’t dump baby all over me or anything, but I was amazed again at how small they are at the beginning. 



One thought on “Re-Uncled

  • December 29, 2006 at 10:12 PM

    Happy New Year Shane, Meredith, and Nathan!
    Your new nephew is adorable!


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