So I was going to write something yesterday, but I forgot to put it on my daily to do list and it just didn’t get done.

Last night’s lesson was cool. I really love Wednesday nights. There is something amazing about seeing people lock in to the gospel. Last night was a special night in our Jesus series. Through this entire Jesus series we have been presenting the gospel, but last night was a major evangelical focus. We have been building up to this for a few weeks and I was worried that I wasn’t going to have the non-Christians that have been coming, but all of them came. I love it when God really speaks and moves like that.

That is always the weird part about planning lessons 5 or 6 weeks in advance. You have to sort of anticipate what is going to be happening in their lives and you have to lay the ground work through a few lessons to hit things just right, but somehow God always comes through and the people who need to be there are there every time.

We are about to start our big summer push “LOVE GOD: LOVE PEOPLE” I haven’t got a handle on all of the lessons yet, but I am excited. I figure I get to talk about the things that I like the most worship and missions. How much cooler can you get than that.

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  • May 14, 2005 at 1:40 PM

    Are you familiar with Doug Fields’ Life Together series? We’re starting small groups for the first time on May 22, and that’s the curriculum we’re using. I’m so excited. I have myself convinced that this is exactly what our students need to really get plugged in to the church. I was just wondering if you had any insight into LifeTogether or small groups in general.


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