Risky Behavior Signatures Game

Games where you must go around and get signatures have been staples of youth ministry from back in the days when church were debating whether listening to Stryper made you a Satan worshiper. We opened our Dangerous Prayers retreat with a version of this game that looked at risky behaviors. Our setting was for youth and adults so there was a better chance at finding someone who had been in the service and as such had maybe been shot at.


How it Works

  • Print the Risky Behavior PDF or make your own sheet using the text below.
  • Pass out the papers and a pen to each participant.
  • Instruct participants to walk around the room getting people to sign if they have engaged in the risky behavior listed.
  • Each person may sign a paper only once.
  • Give a time limit of 5-7 minutes and play some loud music while people move around the room and get signatures.
  • At the end of the time limit award a small prize to the person who gets the most signatures.

The Text

Walk around the room looking for people who have engaged in the following risky behaviors. Have them sign their name beside an activity they have done. Each person can sign your paper only once.

  1. __________________  I have been bungee jumping
  2. __________________  I have driven over 90 miles/hour
  3. __________________  I’ve sent a gift to someone as a “secret admirer.”
  4. __________________  I have shot a gun
  5. __________________  I’ve lied to my parents
  6. __________________  I’ve snuck out of my house
  7. __________________  I have eaten lunch without washing my hands
  8. __________________  I have jumped off a high dive
  9. __________________  I’ve told a friend that his/her significant other was cheating
  10. __________________  I have been shot at
  11. __________________  I have ridden a motorcycle
  12. __________________  I’ve drank milk after the “sell by” date
  13. __________________  I have been scuba diving
  14. __________________  I have cheated on a test
  15. __________________  I have been rock climbing
  16. __________________  I’ve taken time to look and think about it when a girl asked me “do these pants make me look fat?”
  17. __________________  I have been in a drag race
  18. __________________  I’ve been to the mall on Black Friday
  19. __________________  I have jumped out of an airplane
  20. __________________  I’ve texted while driving

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