Royal Birth

I was reading Erwin McMannus today and came across this thought: our birthright is such that we have great privilege, but we also have great responsibility.

As Christians we tend to focus on all of the privileges and forget about the responsibilities or we focus on the things that we can’t do instead of the things that we are supposed to do. We are supposed to glorify God and share his love with everyone we meet. As royalty we have been given much, but we also have a job to fulfill.

1 thought on “Royal Birth

  1. Andy says:


    Good post, quick question – how does this fit in with the thoughts in Westminster’s Shorter Catechism regarding the chief end of man? Or even in John Piper’s revision of that same catechism that he discusses at the beginning of "Desiring God"? How do the two coincide? Do we really have a ‘job’? Or is it considered a ‘privilege’? Or both?

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