RPG Saturday Night

So I wonder if my church will let me quit all of the rest of the stuff from my job and just GM tabletop RPG games all week. Ok, so that probably isn’t the best use of my talents, but I have to say that the idea is intriguing.

Saturday we had the second of our new campaign in Eberron. (For those of you who don’t know Eberron is a fantasy setting with lots of magic and swordplay.) Again it was a wonderful time. I was much better prepared, and as such I was much more able to set up the role playing. Also, since I had a better handle on what was happening, I wasn’t afraid if they decided to go somewhere I hadn’t planned so I didn’t need to railroad them down my predetermined story line.

I will come back to the RPG story in a minute, but I kept thinking about how much I invited their questions and didn’t feel threatened by their choosing to go their own way because I had knew what was going on. In the same way, God has all of the answers, and when you have the answers you aren’t afraid of questions. God also knows that he is in control and when you are in control people don’t have to act like robots only doing a small set of predetermined actions. When you are God and you omniscient you aren’t afraid of people acting with free will, even though if I were creating a world the last thing I would want to give people would be the right to choose anything, because how can you control people who keep choosing something different.

All in all I have to say that role playing is an amazing way to interact with students. It opens up our minds and helps us all to relax and have fun together. It breaks down barriers and helps me to be more than just a teacher to these guys. I also can’t argue with the results. There were 4 people at church on Wednesday that were a direct result of our RPG games. That is too cool.

But I still find myself trying to justify what we are doing and when someone walks in on us I feel like I am doing something dirty.

But the biggest problem is that we are a victim of our own success. As you add people to any game it gets less and less fun. Right now I have around 12 people who want to play and only space for 6. The easy thing to do is just add another game, but I don’t have the time to give 4 more hours on the weekend to another group of gamers. So I am in a bit of a pickle. So I am asking to see if any of you would like to sponsor my new Role Playing Game Ministry to Eufaula. I am thinking if just 100 of you offer to pay $100 a month that would be enough to get on my feet. I will even make T-Shirts and give you one.

(By the way, just so everyone knows I am just kidding, unless of course you want to send me some money)

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