Russian Caused Katrina? Please Let it be True

I have decided that I we need to find evidence that Russia caused hurricane Katrina. At least that way we will have a common enemy (and to all of us older folks it will feel almost reassuring to hate the Russians again.) They could even re-release Rocky 4. Actually I don’t care what country we blame it on, but we had better do it soon because without a common enemy we are going to destroy each other.

I am a middle class, white, Christian so I am the least discriminated person in the world so I have no idea what happens in the minds of people who are routinely discriminated against. I know it is hard to be the focus of racism when all of the country likes to talk like we have gotten rid of it. But for the life of me I can’t figure out what made this whole hurricane thing a race issue. Everywhere I look I see an outpouring of money and help. Everyone I talk to is devastated by the destruction and loss of life.

What I think we do have is a poverty issue. It really amazes me how many people rely on the government to survive, and then those people don’t have the means to get themselves out of harms way because they just don’t have the funds. In a country with this much wealth this shouldn’t be an issue.

I used to think that to solve the problem we needed to give more money, but as I watch this disaster unfold I see the results of people who live in an entitlement culture. Please again understand that I know I am very white and many of the people I am talking about are black, but I don’t see this as a race thing. In fact to say that it is racially based is insulting to blacks because it assumes that all blacks are poor. The problem is a problem of poverty and how people in this country face that poverty.

Here are some quotes I heard on TV today. This was from a man who was living in Montgomery with his aunt. He said, “I can’t get through to get my money (talking about FEMA) I lost everything and now I’ve gotta get my money so I can live.” That sounds like a true statement until you stop and remember that it isn’t his money. It is our money that we have given in taxes (and I am assuming this guy did too). He lost everything and the government has chosen to help people out and help them get on their feet with money and other assistance, but to think that you are owed that money because your house flooded is preposterous. If you have been paying insurance and your house is destroyed then you are owed money, but you aren’t owed anything from your government.

Maybe that is just me, but I just see in this such a sense of entitlement and to a certain degree it is that sense that “the government will take care of me” that caused some of the problem in New Orleans.

Now I am just talking out of my butt here, but it amazes me how tragedy brings out the worst in people. I am waiting for a special news report just on the heroes of Katrina, because I know there are thousands of stories and it would be good to restore my faith in people again.

To close this post let me just say that worse than looter and people who claim Katrina help who aren’t victims combined are politicians who are making this a political issue. Everyone is pointing fingers and blaming everyone else. Democrats are making it all Bush’s fault. Republicans are trying to point fingers at the local government and everyone is so concerned with their own little place in the world that it will be a miracle if the city ever gets rebuilt. And I think the worst people of all may be the news people who are trying to find new stories to the point that I think they are making things worse.

But my rant against 24 hour news channels and the problems they create will have to wait for another night.

2 thoughts on “Russian Caused Katrina? Please Let it be True

  • October 1, 2005 at 8:56 PM

    I actually don’t find this post extremely shocking considering you are white. It amazes how insensitive people can be to the issue of race. Most whites I know actually have the nerve to dismiss race in all of this! But of course If was living in the land of BLACK PRIVILEGE and the WHITE PERSON was part of the most discriminated against race,then I would probably would write an ignorant post too. I am not meaning this as an insult, just a wake up call my brother. I lived through a category 5 hurricane. After the hurricane the government stepped in to help us. We did not want a hand out…WE NEEDED A HANDOUT. Maybe if you went thirsty,hungry, and homeless long enough you would understand why the guy was looking for HIS MONEY. You said “I am a middle class, white, Christian so I am the least discriminated person in the world so I have no idea what happens in the minds of people who are routinely discriminated against. I know it is hard to be the focus of racism when all of the country likes to talk like we have gotten rid of it.” Then you go on to say you don’t see what race has to do with it!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! You are a HUGE part of the problem!!!! You are trying to deny what you know is there!!! It’s sad. I’m so glad God is not human!!!!!!!! :o)

  • October 1, 2005 at 9:21 PM

    I know that race is a hot button sort of issue and as a white guy I am almost always going to be wrong when I talk about this, but I think I made it clear what I was saying, if not then let me say it again.

    The problems in the wake of Katrina had nothing to do with black or white they had to do with rich or poor. The simple truth of the matter is that people who are poor are stuck at the mercy of other people, whether it be their government or others who want to help. This isn’t a inditement of poor people, it isn’t saying that poor people are bad, it is just stating a fact of their existance.But while it is true that poor people need to have help from others to survive I still claim it is insane to act like you deserve help. If you claim that you deserve then you are saying that you aren’t good enough to help yourself.Anyone wanting to turn this Katrina thing into a race issue is basically saying that to be black is to be poor and to not be able to help yourself. I was simply trying to point out that people who are trapped in a mindset that they are owed something by the rest of the world are trapped and can never get out succeed without help.Of course the whole God side of this thing is that all of us are at the mercy of God and needing his help to survive. But there is a big difference between depending on God and depending on your government


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