Saw Pirates Today!

I finally saw a movie on opening weekend. It has been a while since I have gotten a chance to do that. There isn’t a ton that I want to say about this movie because I want you to be able to get the full effect going in to watch it yourself. I found the story to be the strong point of the movie (really surprising for a sequel) but there were some obvious problems that come when your first movie is a huge success and you have a ton of money riding on this one. It is like sometimes in a sequel they think they know what made the first movie work so they ramp that up to a higher degree, but that doesn’t make the movie better because it robs some of the balance of the first movie.

<Mild Spoiler Warning>
Oh, and there are 2 count them 2 scenes with people rolling down hills inside of wooden contraptions. What happened in a meeting that thought this was a good idea? "Excuse me? Didn’t we already have a wooden contraption rolling down the hill with people inside?" "Well, yes, and that was really a great scene so if we have another one that will make the movie even better!"
<Mild Spoiler Over>

But like I said the story was strong, even if the dialog seemed to be mimicking the first movie in some way. Well, I am going to stop talking about this now. I know that if you are a fan of the first one you are going to watch this movie, so I don’t want to ruin anything for you.

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