Searching for REAL conversation

It seems like everywhere I look these days there are people who have chosen sides about an issue and have decided that they will defend that issue to the death. That sounds good on things that are vital, but somewhere we have forgotten 1) what is vital 2) that just because someone has a different opinion of us they must be the enemy and 3) that the goal of being a Christian is to prove to everyone that we are right.

What if we could find a place where real conversation could happen? What if we could find a place where we din’t have to yell or fight or assert ourselves? What if there was a place where Christians were mad because they weren’t the big kid on the block anymore and so they could have honest discussions without lashing out and being upset that they are being questioned? What if we found a place where the goal wasn’t to prove we were right, but to help people find the God who is right? What if we were more concerned about showing people Jesus and then letting Him offend if he must?

I haven’t been here at Confessions of an Average Youth Minister for a long time, mainly because the things that I need to confess feel like they are counter to what most of the church has to say these days. I want to talk about opening up a dialog. Not saying that the other side is right, but saying that the way we are saying they are wrong isn’t helping. (and maybe, just maybe some of the things that we are saying are right may not be right. I mean they kicked people out of the church for saying the world was round at one point in time).

So I guess what I am saying is that I am slowly finding my way back here. If you don’t want to wait around I will understand, but I am going to try to work through some of my frustrations with the vocal angry side of Christianity at least that way my wife doesn’t have to listen to it all.

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