Seed: Guided Prayer


This is a guided prayer activity using a seed as an object lesson.

Spiritual idea

This is a prayer of submission to God asking Him to guide you as you grow over the next part of your life.

How it works

Pass out a seed to each worshiper. I would stay away from sunflower seeds as people may want to eat them, but pretty much any other seed would work. Read the prayer below giving time for worshipers to pray where appropriate.

The Prayer:

Hold this seed in your hand. Think about the plant that it came from. Imagine the plant that it will become…

Now Think about this past year of your life. Spend some time thinking about the good and the bad things. Are you different now than you were at this time last year? Did you fulfill all that God had planned for you…

Look at the seed in your hand. Think about its potential. Think about what it can become…

Imagine there are glowing words written from the inside that you can read…These words are the plans God has for you this year. Do you see anything at all? What do the words say?

Take your time and listen for the words that God speaks to your heart. He has called you to change the world and he has a mission for you this year… Think about your potential; think about what you can become with God.

Some of those plans of God may conflict with your own desires for you life…if so acknowledge those now, don’t try to hide them…which would you prefer? Life your way or God’s way?…be honest with how you feel…ask God to give you a heart for his way…

hold out your hand and offer you seed to God…ask him to use you this year…ask him to fulfill his plan in your life…

Now close your hand and hold your seed close to you…say a short prayer of thanks to God for choosing you…thank him for inviting you to His grand adventure…

Father God, You have called us to a grand adventure, a holy quest. You have called us to be a part of your plan for changing the world. Help us each to let go of our lives and let you have control. Help us to seek out your path and follow your design on our lives. Let us grow this year as you work in our lives. Let all that we do be worship to you. Amen.

One thought on “Seed: Guided Prayer

  • February 12, 2012 at 6:39 PM

    Just wanted to say THANK-YOU I have used some of your dramatic readings and such before but last week I used your Love worship stations. It was great. I really feel all my kids were touched by God that night, they didn’t want to leave and there was so much healing. thanks again as a volunteer without a lot of time you are a livesaver


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