Seeds: A Worship Outline for Back to School

I have just finished editing an old worship outline that I had on called SEED Worship. All of the ideas have been up here before, but honestly once I looked at it the format was almost unusable. I think it is a little easier to figure out now.

I wanted to put a link to it because it is a New Year’s type worship outline that would work very well as a back to school event. If you use it for a back to school you may want to also check out the Back to School Prayer Stations too and see if you would rather use some of those instead. They are still in a rough form, but using the stuff from SEED you should be able to figure it out.

3 thoughts on “Seeds: A Worship Outline for Back to School

  1. Lesley Langford says:

    I love the Seed Worship Outline and idea. The links to the dramatic reading and the seeds prayer activity and prayer stations are broken. I found the prayer stations in another section but cannot find the dramatic reading and prayer activity. Could you please post them or tell me where I might find them? Thank you for your help.

  2. nailscars says:

    Yeah, sorry I changed the way that permalinks worked and that messed up a bunch of old links. All of the thinks should be working now.

  3. Lesley Langford says:

    Thank you so much and thanks for posting this wonderful idea for a youth worship service.

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