Seeing the Big Picture: Little things Add up

As part of our Faithcraft (Minecraft and Lego inspired Bible study) I did this little video. It is just a stop-motion project of me building this small ship. Well, it is actually a stop motion video of me tearing this ship apart, but when you reverse the footage it looks like it is being built.

Here is the original file

Possible Lesson Ideas:

  • You can use this as part of a discussion on checking out the big picture. God can see the final design, but all we can see is a pile of parts.
  • God has given you the pieces you need. Use them to shape your world.
  • Small steps of faith add up to a bigger life of faith.
  • Lego bricks are cool. Star Wars is cool. Stop-Motion animation is cool. Add them together and you have an awesome video, but you know what is even more awesome? Reading your Bible! (Maybe this one is a bit of a stretch)

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