Senior Adult Creative Prayer

I have a cheerleader. A while back I ordered a few copies of Creative Prayer to sell at my church. There were some people who wanted to buy them from me, mainly to be nice I think. There was one senior adult lady who teaches Sunday school who wanted one. I thought she was just trying to support me.

But every week she comes back with some new insight that she has found from the book. She is so excited about it that I want to sit down and work through the activities again. Last week she said, "I got to the day where you are supposed to play some loud worship music and dance and I though, I can’t dance. [she has a hard time walking] But then I thought my arms work and I can move them like I am dancing, so I did."

How cool is that! She is loving all of the creative prayer ideas and keeps trying to sell books to her SS class for me. It makes me smile.  

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