Alright it is time for me to give you guys a more detailed report or any report for that matter of our retreat. It is hard for me to process all that went on and even harder for me to explain most of it. I was in a caffeine induced stupor for the better part of 72 hours so my memory of the whole even is a little shaky. I will try to tell you want I remember over the course of the next few posts.

Let’s start with the most fun part to me and probably the least important part to you:


One of the churches in our little group has access to some really great toys, and I was like a kid in a candy shop when it came to playing with them. Let me see if I can explain all that we had up and running.

We had 3 video projectors: the middle one was out of one video mixer and the outside ones were on another mixer. We had one computer doing mostly words (from pro presenter and I will talk about the mac computers in a bit) and one computer doing mostly video backgrounds under these words. We used the mixer to key out the word backgrounds and play them over the moving backgrounds from computer 2. We then used a third computer to play around with worship images and to do a sort of dance of pictures of the cross and other pictures of worship. (that was my main job. I also ran the video camera that we would use to zoom in on the band and other elements during worship. Yes, we had 150 people and we were projecting the people from on stage up on the screen. I know it was crazy, but it was fun)

On top of the video stuff we had a complete lighting set with dimmers and faders some really cool rainbow lights that danced to the music (I don’t know what they are called) and fog machines.

All of that took at least 3 people to run and most of the time we had 4 people: 1 on each computer and 1 on the lights, primary mixer, and sound board. It was a crazy sound booth to say the least. We were pulling a whole lot of power and luckily the gym that we were meeting in had a ton of different circuits for us to plug into. We did blow the main on the circuit board once, but that is a story for later. Actually there are many stories about loosing power that we will talk about later, it was one way that God moved throughout the weekend.

Wow, it sure was a lot more complicated than just these few paragraphs of explanation. We had to make several Wal-Mart runs (15 minutes into town) to make it all work and we really only got it all up and running right before we started. So we were doing much of the stuff without any real testing, just trusting to God and our instincts.

The reason I wanted to tell this first is because it will help set up the rest of the stories, but also because it was such a big part of my experience at retreat. I don’t know if anyone else is as moved by images as I am, but there is just something about a great picture at just the right time that really helps turn a song from just an exercise of singing into a real worship moment for me.

I also love to be the one moving the pictures because it is so raw and out there. It is like acting, but you can’t go back and correct a mistake or adlib a line to make that last picture make sense. If you throw up an image of an alligator when the song is talking about doves you are going to have people scratching their heads and trying to figure out what that is supposed to mean. For me it is almost like a dance. I love it!

At the same time I love being a part of the audience and really getting a chance to cut loose with worship that includes visuals. It feels like it is engaging more of who I am. A lot of the places that I have been are using great visuals as backgrounds to the words. What we are doing at retreat is using visuals as another level of the worship experience.

Of course the sad thing is that I can only get this at retreat. When we got back we had our share time and while I am greateful that we now have a projector in the sanctuary I really missed the whole experience.

So today as a lark and a fantasy I put together the perfect set up for our new youth room. We should be in there sometime soon so I wanted to get all of the stuff that we would need to add the retreat elements to our everyday worship.

The grand total comes in at almost 17,000. Here is a list of the things that I would find fun to play with on  regular basis:

My Dream Youth Room Set Up
Video Projection System
Dell 2300MP Projector $1499
Dell 2300MP Projector $1499
Dell 2300MP Projector $1499
100 ft S-Video Extension Cable $80
100 ft S-Video Extension Cable $80
100 ft S-Video Extension Cable $80
TV monitor $150
TV monitor $150
TV monitor $150
CELabs 400SV S Video / Splitter /Signal Booster $99
CELabs 400SV S Video  / Splitter /Signal Booster $99
various cables extention cords and connectors $100
Apple 12.5in PowerBook $2000
Apple 15in PowerBook $2800
                                                                          Total $12185
Lighting System
complete stage lighting system (16 channels 12 lights) $2700
abyss II water light $80
Mini Line Dancer $60
various cables cords and connectors $150
                                                                          Total $3109
Sound System
2 stage monitors $250
2 amps $400
4 microphones $150
4 mic stands $150
4 music stands $150
2 direct boxes $60
                                                                          Total $1160
Grand Total $16454

I already have some stuff so that is why the sound system has only a few articles. So if you have an extra 15 grand laying around and need a tax break give us a call.

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