Average Youth Minister’s Law

The Average Youth Minister Law states that if you plan an event that works better with many people only a few will show up. If you plan an event that will work best with just a few people then half the town will show up.

You can extrapolated from this basic law any number of laws that can be applied to any phase of your youth meeting. For instance volunteers. Last week I didn’t have a huge need for them and I had 7 of them just milling around looking for something to do. This week I had a whole lesson planned to use them in many ways, but only 1 showed up. (My own wife went to another church!) It just always seems to work out that way.

Tonight I used the Create Your Own Psalm idea that I made a last year. This time I had the students fill it out while soft music was playing. If I had planned ahead I would have played loud music instead because I wanted this to be more of an upbeat worship time. I gave them about 5 minutes to fill out the sheet and then I asked them to share their responses with a neighbor.

To close the activity I read the given words and asked them to shout out what they had written in the blanks. It was a fun way to declare our praise.

O and one more thing. Elbow tag is the greatest game ever invented with “I never” being a close second.

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