Six Flags Musing

Is there any feeling in the world as refreshing as taking a shower after spending the day at an amusement park? It just feels like the slime of the day is flowing off of you. Wow, that might be the start of a sermon.

As you can see I spent the day at Six Flags with my youth yesterday. I did a whole lot of sitting and reading. I know I am a dork; but after this week and, in anticipation for next week, I needed some time to just chill. I came up with a collection of sermons based on Six Flags. I think I will add that whole shower after thing to the list.

I also wrote down the lyrics to a new song. It doesn’t really have music yet, but the more I think about the words the more I feel like they are saying what I want them to say. I have been really drawn to the title of the new Louie Giglio book I Am Not, but I Know I Am, even though I haven’t had time to read it. And all summer long the refrain, “It’s Not about Me; it’s all about You,” has been in my head. So when I read this line from a guy worshiping in a Cathedral in Enter the Worship Circle I really felt the words of this song come up. The line is “I feel small again, and I strangely prefer it”

God in Your presence I feel so small

But strangely I like the way I feel

God in Your presence I simply stand in awe

As the power of Your glory is revealed

Cause God You are God

The great and holy One

The great creator King

And the I am

And in your presence I learn

The truth that I forgot

That God if You’re I Am then I am not.

O I am not

God in Your presence I feel love beyond belief

And I hear you whisper I’m Your child

God in Your presence I feel You choose me

And call me to life that’s free and wild

I am still working on the whole music part of it, but I will see what I can do to get it posted after mission trip. One of these days I am going to put all of the songs that I have written up here and maybe someone who actually knows music will come and transform them into real songs.

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