Slowing Getting Back to Journaling

I have been away from for far too long. There is a myriad of reasons why, and I have made these coming back posts for about all of them. I think the biggest thing is that I no longer feel like it is responsible to talk about things happening in my job because of how easy things are to find online and I don’t want anyone to be hurt. Also, life at church these days is really, really good and I find myself spending more time digging back into the church work rather than trying to find an outlet to vent about it all.

But I think that the biggest reason I have been away is Faithcraft. I know that I need to just buckle down and finish what I have started. I know that I need to just shut up and deliver the material already, but that requires work so I haven’t done it yet. So I have been avoiding because I know that I need to get back to work.

So here is my attempt at coming back to work.

I think I am going to also try to use this as a safe place to talk about political issues. I live in a world of ultra conservative people who sometimes don’t understand my heart when I am trying to work out what I believe about how Christians should act in the world so I want to create a space where I can sound off about those things without the baggage of social media attached. I may or may not have the courage to do this.

As for Faithcraft, I am thinking about making a payment system, not really to make a whole lot of money, but because if I know that people have paid me I will have to get to writing and make it work. What do you think about a kickstarter campaign? Would you be offended if you kickstarted it and then I put the results up on the website for free afterward? What do you think 6 sessions of Minecraft related Bible studies and videos would be worth? Should I do a lesson only tier for less and then a more expensive tier for the videos? Any ideas?

I am a little more free for the next few months so I want to make this happen, but if history is any indicator it may not come to fruition.

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