One week we played a game called “Smackdown” during our Wednesday night meeting. I sent out a text alert talking about it, but I made a typo and sent out that we were having SNACKDOWN. That night a bunch of students came to church looking for something to do with snacks.

I thought it sounded like a good idea so the next week we had SNACKDOWN! It had been a while since I had a full on gross out messy games type night so I thought I would run with it. We were closing out our study on prayer and this week we were talking about praying for your friends. I made 4 games up that had to do with that them, and then promptly forgot to mention the point when we were playing them. Check out the games below.

How it Works

Divide your group into teams. Choose the appropriate number of volunteers from each team to compete in the games. Aware points to the appropriate team for the first group that completes the challenge. If you have time play the challenges more than once.

Pudding Feed

We should pray for our friends when they need help.

  • two volunteers
  • One sits in a chair
  • other one gets behind with their arms under chair person’s arms
  • Back person is blindfolded
  • Feed them Pudding


Marshmallow Mouth Catch

Just like you had to aim when you were throwing these marshmallows your prayers should take aim at specific things for your friends. (Don’t just say, God bless Amy)

  • Players choose partners
  • Players attempt to throw marshmallows into the mouths of their partner
  • The catch is that the marshmallows are dipped in chocolate
  • Players are allowed to spit them out once they catch them


Jell-O Shield

Your prayers are vital to your friends. We should ask God to shield our friends from the enemy.

  • Team chooses their tallest and shortest players and two “shooters”
  • Tallest player stands on the mark (a Frisbee will work) and does not move
  • Shooters fling Jell-O at the opposing team’s tallest player
  • Shortest player stands in front of him/her and tries to shield him with her body
  • Team with the least amount of Jell-O wins


Gummy Worm Lip Relay

praying for your friends means getting close enough to know their needs

  • 4 people of the same gender lined up “relay” style
  • Plate of gummie worms covered in syrup
  • First person in line picks up a worms with their mouth and passes it mouth to mouth down the line
  • The last person in line places the worm on a second plate
  • First team to place 5 worms on the second plate wins

One thought on “Snackdown!

  • February 2, 2012 at 1:19 PM

    Great ideas you have going here! I run our church’s children’s church department and was searching for things and came upon your site. I am glad I did. Please keep up the good work you are doing for the Lord!!!

    God Bless,

    Sierra Foster-Lee


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