Long ago I gave my old SNES to my brother-in-law (he was young at the time). Well recently Nathan has developed a love for all things Mario so this weekend I brought my old Super Nintendo Entertainment System home and hooked it up. A couple of quick observations:

1) I must have played Super Mario World (the one with the Yoshi and the feathers that makes you have a cape) a whole bunch because I remember each world, including where to duck for off screen stuff.

2) F-Zero was a game that I played for hours and I have no clue how. The flicker on the track makes my eyes hurt.

3) Star Fox on the SNES was revolutionary at the time. I played it more than I would like to admit, but it is butt ugly and also nearly unplayable on a big screen.

4) Street Fighter II is one of the best games of all times and I can still pull off a dragon punch without even thinking about it.

5) Mario is Missing is a stupid, stupid game.

6) Lemmings is a great game even on SNES. I think it would make a great iPhone game. I had forgotten how cool it was to blow up 100 Lemmings.

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