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This week I had a parent come in and ask me to help her set up Twitter. She wanted to know what was going on with her daughter, not in a helicopter parent sort of way, just in a curiosity sort of way.

Anyway, that got me thinking about how different the world is now and how much there is to sort of have your head around as a parent. Now that everyone has Facebook where are the teenagers? What are they sharing? How are the sharing it? What sort of boundaries do you need to place as a parent? Will those boundaries even work in a world where teenagers carry the whole world in their phones?

These are just a few of the questions that have been running through my head, so I thought it would be cool to pick up a study for parents so they could know what was going on with their students. I picked up “A Parent’s Guide to Social Media” and read it in an afternoon. It is a great big picture idea of social media focusing on the thoughts and attitudes more than the technology.

What I am looking for now is some newsletter/magazine article where someone has looked at what is really happening tech wise so I can pass that on to my parents. So if you have anything like that please leave it in the comments.


(On a side note, that I want to pursue again sometime with the new world of sexting and such catch phrases like “True Love Waits” don’t go far enough anymore. Those programs always were about purity, but for some reason got taught more often than not as a speed limit. They were taught as restrictions. The problem looking at purity as a restriction is that you can do whatever you want right up to the line (whatever you line is). Somehow we need to figure out how to teach the heart issue and then let that issue deal with keeping people from chasing things they shouldn’t on the internet)

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