Sometimes I Forget

There are 2 big truths about student ministry (or ministry in general for that matter) that I often forget. It isn’t that I mean to forget them, but in the hustle and bustle of the day. In the midst of all the planning and preparing and praying and studying and doing it is sometimes easier to focus on that stuff and sort of get lost in the doing and the actions and forget about what is really going on. So here are 2 big truths that I often forget. (This isn’t an exhaustive list btw)

1) What I am Teaching is a Matter of Life and Death

This whole Christian walk thing isn’t just trying to help them be better people. It isn’t just trying to shape them into their mom and dads ideal teenager. It isn’t to keep them from drinking or sleeping around. It isn’t even to teach them new truths about God just for the sake of teaching them new things. We are dealing not just with some nice ways to live, but with the secrets of life and the keys to kingdom of God. We are dealing with heaven and hell. We are dealing with waking up to who we were really created to be. We are not just “having a lesson.” We are not just “playing a game.” We are supposed to be engaging with God and any time we come in contact with God we come away changed.

I find myself to often forgetting this.

When I forget this I get interested in making a fun lesson that will keep people from being bored, and while that is good it isn’t good if that is my focus and teaching the word of God.

When I forget this I get excited about a lesson that “goes well” and don’t worry about whether or not students’ lives are actually being changed.

We are dealing with so much more than what they are teaching at school. We are dealing with so much more than their future as maybe someone who gets a scholarship or someone who has a career one day. We are dealing with eternity and I too often forget that.

2) It Isn’t My Responsibility to Change Lives. I Just Present Truth

When I start thinking about this whole “this is vitally important” thing I can get a little overwhelmed and worried and frankly a little afraid. So it is important for me to remember too that it isn’t about me or what I can do. It is about the power of the Word of God and the Word of God can speak for itself.

I believe that if I present the truths from scripture that God can use those truths to change lives.

I believe that, but I too often forget it and I start acting like I am the one who is doing the changing and I work too hard and get too worked up with in the end the real power is God’s and I am simply His servant.

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