Sometimes they will call your bluff

This weekend was our 36 Hour Famine. If you haven’t ever participated in something like this with your group then head over to 30 Hour Famine right now and get hooked up with the World Vision people. They give out a whole lot of product for free (assuming you are going to raise money for them of course) and the material that they put together is top notch, especially the “Tribe” game. We added our own 2 major events to the 9 tribe games (we ended up only playing 7 of them actually) and spread the games out into a weekend long competition. Our 2 games were “house” building, where students made houses out of these great big rolls of cardboard that we have and a Food Drive Scavenger Hunt where students drove around town looking for food for a local food bank. (BTW, you can tell students are hungry when they all keep talking about wanting to eat the soups that they collected.)

Anyway, all of the famine was to raise money for World Hunger. The last time we did something like this we pulled in less than $500. Our group was smaller then, but watching the way that the students were getting pledges I thought that we would come in about the same this time. So I brazenly declared that I would put a blue streak in my hair (like a girl in our youth group) if they raised $500 and if they raised $1000 I would dye my whole head blue. I hoped that they would make the $500 and welcomed the chance to put a streak in my hair and make them all smile. I figured I could cut it out when I got tired of it. I figured it was a safe bet.

Well, when we started running totals yesterday morning I noticed that there were quite a few more pledges than I had seen last week. As we started running the numbers it was pretty apparent that they had the $500 beat. In fact they even blew the $1000 line out of the water. They ended up raising somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800. So that means I have to have a blue head.

I guess if you had asked me last week if I would dye my hair blue so that people around the world could eat I probably would have gone with it so I guess I can’t complain. I couldn’t find any blue dye in my little town tonight so I will have to go and get it tomorrow. Expect pictures to follow soon after.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes they will call your bluff

  • March 3, 2009 at 6:33 AM

    Never underestimate blue hair! We are in the midst of fundraising for our mission trip with the high school group – $1500 will get my daughter (age 17) to shave her head, and our senior pastor to dye his hair rainbow colored. We’re a third of the way there with 3 weeks to go. I will have a bald daughter soon, (laughing), and a colorful pastor!

    Make sure to post your picture!

  • March 3, 2009 at 12:00 PM

    Can’t wait to see the pics! And congratulations to you all for raising so much money for the charity you were supporting!


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