Sometimes this job makes me smile

I don’t do things right all of the time. In fact more times than I like to admit I mess up. I fail at follow up, or say the wrong things, or let my own pride or fears get in the way of something I really should be doing. But even still, even still, God gives me small blessing over and over again. Part of me wants to take credit for what I have posted here, but most of me knows that it isn’t about me, but about God. I am just so thankful that He lets me see stuff like this happen.

As you know I am writing for LifeWay right now (I will be finished tomorrow!) and I asked one of my students to write an essay about her “World Changing” project. What she wrote was nothing less than extraordinary. You can check it out after the jump.

Saving for Change

Have you ever left the grocery store or the mall and seen a penny or quarter lying on the ground? Chances are you have. More than once I’ve seen a glimmer of copper or silver catch my eye but I merely shrug and think to myself ‘ why waste my time, after all it is just a dime.’ But what if every time we saw a coin we stopped to pick it up? What if those few coins combined with the coins of others was able to provide a whole city with water? What if we put just a little more effort into saving those precious coins that we see every day? If one out of every four people in the U.S. collected a quarter every day for a year then we could save 6,914,135,733.13 dollars! I bet you would take the time to stop and pick up that much money!

This summer my youth pastor challenged us to start a project that would change the world, and me and a few friends took this literally. We decided that the change we receive from every day purchases we would save to put towards the H2O Project. In a few months time me and two others were able to save ninety-six dollars! This may not sound like much, but with the ninety-six dollars we were able to provide nine people with a lifetime’s supply of water. And you thought change didn’t count!

While we our sitting over here sipping our Fiji’s and Dasani’s, others all over the world are dying due to water-related illnesses. One child every fifteen seconds dies to a water-related disease, which is 10,000 a day, and that’s just the children! By the time you finish reading this five children will have died due to the need for water.

Would you like to help? You can visit for information that will provide you with statistics and ways you and your family, or even friends, can become involved. You can make a change by simply setting aside the change you get every day. Just think what your efforts can do when combined with the efforts of thousands others. First Timothy 4:12 says, “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young…” Now is our chance to make a difference. Why not save that quarter you found on the ground, you just may end up saving a life!

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