Sorry, Candyland, Memory, and You

It is spring break around here and that means that Wednesday night was going to be interesting to say the least. It is always a strange mix of a smaller group and people who have been hanging out together all week and are sick of each other. So I decided not to really do much. I showed the last video from “I AM” by, (I will write the review later) and then we played some children’s games.

My original idea was to have 4 teams playing 4 games and then rotate keeping score of the winners and then crowing an overall champion in each team. But SORRY caused a problem. No one knew how to play and the board only works for 4 players. So it created a bottleneck. In the end it didn’t really work out, but it was fun, well at least fun for me.

Then the girls who were at church came to my house for an impromptu movie night. I spent the evening sitting with Nathan so he would go to sleep and Meredith watched Enchanted with 5 girls from our youth group. It was a good night. All of them had never been to our house and they were people who Meredith and I don’t normally get to spend a ton of time with, so I think it was a good building experience. 

I am trying every trick I know to add more girls into our group. We have a huge section of boys and a small collection of girls. The thing is that our girls are friends with the boys more than with other girls so they aren’t bringing in their friends. So I thought last night was a good step of grabbing on to some new female members.  

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