Sorry Yet Again

My bad on not posting here recently. I am so frustrated with my laptop that I haven’t been spending as much time on the computer as before. The LCD apparently has a short in it or something in the whole display thing has a short because I have to hold the screen to get the image to not fade out. It is driving me crazy. So right now I am using it hooked into an old CRT monitor that is larger than my room. I am also carrying my old computer around so that I can still type outside and then I just move the files back onto this one so my office/guestroom is filled with computers and screens (Meredith has a desktop in here too). I am sending the whole thing back to HP this week to see if they can fix it.

I have also been spending a ton of time on video editing. To keep the students from killing each other last week we made another video during our late night thing. It was very poorly done, and trying to coordinate a video shoot with 40 people is a little hard, actually it is way hard. I found in almost every good shot there was someone just standing around in the background so that was hard to deal with. So I have been editing that and also the Nathan video that you see below and I also made a 25 second promo for our Trunk or Treat coming up on Halloween.

I have sort of gotten more into the whole video thing through digital juice. I picked up a couple of their promos for Halloween and I am still having fun playing with them. I hope to get back to bring the light to your dark and boring lives soon.


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