South Park Gospel?

I was reading an old Relevant Magazine article about South Park and religion and it got me to thinking. Now let me start by saying that I don’t watch South Park anymore. It is the one show on Television that I feel convicted every time I watch so I now stay away from it so I haven’t really seen the show in a few years. The article was talking about how South Park uses so much religion in their shows and tackles religious issues regularly. The shows creators were quoted as saying something like. "We don’t see why there isn’t more religion in other shows."

I was struck by that comment because I really agree with it. Actually given the choice I would prefer a show like South Park that lambaste religion to a show like Friends that has 6 people live their lives out in front of us for 10 years and only get near a church on Wedding days. (granted with Ross’ history that was a number of episodes). To me it seems to be much more harmful to Christianity to have people ignoring the gospel than to have people making fun of it. If you look at most of the people on TV and in movies these days none of them never even give a nod to God or living the Christian life. It seems like most of the images reinforce the idea that God really isn’t that important, and that if you actually try to live your life following him you are a freak. 

I don’t really have a good way to round up this idea so I guess I will just let it go. 

New computer report: This is the biggest laptop ever. I mean it is the size of old Apple II’s. OK, it’s not that big, but it is pretty large. But as large as it is the Power Brick that is attached to it is even larger. The power cord on this thing is so heavy I am going to have to hit the gym to actually lift it.

But, it is blazing fast and I have storage room to burn. The first time I set a movie to render and got up thinking it would be an hour and came back in 10 minutes with it complete I knew this thing was worth the money. Of course the simple fact that it has USB 2.0 ports and not the 1.1s that I had make it great. I can now update my ipod without needing to stick in a card first. I have so many little USB things that I want to hook up that I am looking at a Wireless USB hub. So that I can have everything hooked up and on a desk and simply stick in the USB adapter and be connected to all of them. Of course Meredith isn’t really crazy about me spending more money now so that will have to wait.   

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