Sports Night

Alright, those of you who have been reading this since the beginning
may remember several posts lauding the virtues of Aaron Sorkins earlier
TV series “Sports Night”. It was always one of my favorite shows and
there were about a million things that I thought should have been
cancelled before it was. Unfortunately, it had trouble finding an
audience. Since it was a “dramedy” sort of a blend between comedy and
drama all wrapped up in 30 minutes it was hard to categorize. But even
still it had some of the best writing I have ever seen.

So for
Christmas this year I got the complete series on DVD. I started
watching it tonight, and I have already almost cried twice. Once for
the cool story, and once because I know that I will never get a chance
to see a new episode of this show. It is funny to watch these now that
we are on the other side of “The West Wing”. You can see so many things
that Sorkin later moved over to that show including some of the people.

Anyway, it was great to watch some of them again. Sorry, but as
I watch these I am sure that there will be several more posts about how
amazing this show really was. If you get tired of them you can post
mean comments to my sister for giving me the DVD’s.  

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