Living in Alabama makes you love Spring. Summer is fun some places, but here it is just too hot to really get excited about, but Spring…Spring is amazing. It is funny to think that just a couple of weeks ago on the first Sunday of March we actually had snow down here in the deep south. But after that we have had some of the most perfect weather you could ever imagine much less have the audacity to ask for.

That is a part of the reason why I haven’t been writing as much here. When I have a spare moment I want to be outside and not sitting on my computer. The fact that my laptop is now without a battery so it is basically just a portable desktop means that I can’t go outside and write like I used to. But enough of my laptop lament, let’s get back to Spring.

Yesterday Nathan spent lots of time outside. In fact pretty much every moment that he wasn’t sleeping he was either in the van or playing outside. He rushed through supper and then immediately said that he wanted to go back outside. Meredith was tired and needed a break, and as amazing as the spring day had been I was ready to sit down and veg awhile too, but I couldn’t condemn my little guy to the indoors.

On days like this boys are supposed to be outside playing until sundown. They are supposed to come in from outside straight into the tub and then into pajamas before they crash in their beds. There will be days, lots and lots of days, when he won’t be able to run and play. There will be days when he has deadlines and appointments and responsibilities and people counting on him. There will also be days I am sorry to say when he will forget just how precious a Spring day really is. He will be too wrapped up in his own life to recognize a perfect day like today as a gift from a God who loves him. There will be days when he will simply choose to ignore the sun and the cool breeze.

Those days are coming. I know they are coming because too often those are my days. Too often I find myself too wrapped up in junk to remember just to stop and experience this gift of a life that God has given me.

That is just one more reason that I thank God for Nathan. He reminds me everyday to live, not just exist.

All that and he is cute too. He is a pretty amazing package.

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