“Standing up for our rights” Always makes my heart hurt

I’m not going to go into a whole big Duck Dynasty debate. I mean what is left to say that hasn’t been said. He has free speech to say what he wants. A&E has the freedom not to associate with him because of what he says.*

But every time I hear anyone on any side of this thing it just makes my heart hurt, and what hurts me most are Christians. When I hear Christians “standing up for what is right” it just causes a deep pain inside of me. Not because they aren’t right. Not because our country isn’t going downhill. Not because I think they are bad people, or bigots, or closed-minded or judgmental. My heart hurts because every time a Christian “takes a stand” against homosexuality that is one more kid who is gay who is never going to listen to the message of love that Jesus has to offer.

I’m not saying that we should water down the truth. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t teach the Bible. I am saying that we have to decide if our mission is to take a stand against what is wrong in this world or is it to share the message of Jesus with those people who desperately need to know the love and forgiveness He offers. If it is the former then boycott away. Stand with Phil and post on Facebook about abominations and persecution.

But if it is the later, if our mission is to share the message of Jesus then Christians must STOP being so militant and start being more missional. There is a whole country full of people who are never going to listen to the love and forgiveness offered by Jesus if they don’t see the love from Christians, and that begins with love that is real, not just thrown in at the beginning of a rant (I love everyone, but those beef eaters are killing this country, etc).

My mission, my desire to share the gospel with teenagers gets harder each time there is another Christian uprising. I honestly don’t have anything more to add to this debate. It just makes my heart ache.


*there is a discussion here about whether or not they suspended him because of what he said or what he believed. Does having a belief mean that you have the freedom to speak that belief. That is a discussion for another time.

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