Star Wars

Can I just tell you how strange and ultimately wonderful it is that my son loves Star Wars. It is strange because Star Wars is one of my earliest memories of time spent with my parents. Sure some kids have memories of baseball and playing catch in the back yard (and I have those too, my dad was more jock than geek) but my first memory is of Star Wars, more specifically of The Empire Strikes back.

Apparently my parents had been enthralled by the first movie so they took me to some showing of it (more than likely a re-release of it, this is before VCRs remember) but I don’t remember the experience. I remember everything about going to see Empire. I remember parking around the block from the downtown Paducah theater. I remember walking with my parents and standing in line for tickets. I remember very little of the movie on the screen other than being very worried about Luke and loving the Millennium Falcon (which my son pronounces fulcan like Han does). I also remember leaving the theater and walking back around to our car and walking by a book store. I remember my parents taking me inside and buying me a big illustrated book of the story (which I used for years to fuel my very rudimentary drawings of the ships–art is not my gift).

It is funny now to see my son playing with Star Wars toys and watching Empire over and over again. It is even funnier to see my little 1 year old son walk around the house saying “star wars” when it is on.

If this is how dads who loved baseball feel when they take their son to a game I finally understand why it is still being played.


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